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Banking / Mortgage Fraud

Murrays Solicitors have a wealth of experience in relation to allegations involving irregularities relating to Mortgages, Mortgage applications and allegedly false or misleading valuations.

Our legal team know what it’s like to live in the real world and recognise that not everything is black or white when these types of complex cases fall for consideration.

We are able to see time and again allegations made against respectable, law abiding members of the public who, through no fault of their own, find themselves caught up in the alleged criminality of others.

Murrays Solicitors will be there for you. At the Police station interview. Through the enquiry stage and, if necessary, throughout the Court proceedings. At all stages your defence will be forcefully advanced, often with the criminal solicitorsassistance of Expert Forensic Handwriting, Scientific or Accountancy Reports which we are able to obtain on your behalf when required.

With the Murrays team by your side you can be assured you do not have to face these difficult times alone and that you have a Legal Expert available to fight your corner.

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