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Company / Commercial / Insurance Fraud

We at Murrays are officially recognised as being one of a small number of specialist legal firms capable of dealing with large scale commercial frauds.

We do recognise and appreciate, however that not all commercial or “white collar” frauds involve allegations of large scale criminality. Whether the case involves the Serious Organised Crime Agency or the local CID the impact upon company officers, businessmen and employees can be devastating for the individual.

Our vast experience of these matters will support, assist and guide you through the complexities which these investigations involve. Not only do we possess the legal know-how but we have hands-on knowledge of how businesses operate and are able to formulate the best possible defence available to you.

Our comprehensive approach will leave no stone unturnedcriminal defence solicitors and no avenue unexplored on your behalf. The case analysis , together with your defence would be advanced in the strongest possible terms by our team of Executives, Solicitors and Advocates.

In short, we are able to offer a steady, guiding hand to bring some “peace of mind” to you during an experience which, to even the most experienced of individuals can be extremely difficult.

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