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Fraud / Conspiracy to Defraud

Committing fraud is easy! Not only those who intend to commit fraud manage to do so. Saying something that is not quite accurate, forgetting to mention something that is required or relying on someone else who lets you down have all led to honest and unwitting people being arrested and charged with fraud or conspiracy to commit fraud.

Deceiving someone is not always done deliberately. If you do find that you have fallen foul of the law do not think you are a criminal; others have made mistakes before you.

The consequences however can be far reaching; being arrested, your premises being searched and your finances investigated are difficult to deal with unless you have the right advice and assistance.

Conspiracy to commit fraud is often charged where there appears to be more than one person involved in the action. Simply conspiracy is a plan between two or more people to commit an offence. The offence does not have to be carried out for the conspiracy to take place however the defendants must have known they were acting dishonestly otherwise there can be no fraud.

Fraud investigations can take months or years to complete and there can be a series of interviews held by experienced police officers with very inexperienced suspects. Our advice if you are in the middle of an investigation is not to deal with it alone; contact us for advice and representation at the police station.

Here at Murray’s we are experienced enough to know that in these situations it is wise to consider very carefully our strategies. Our expert team of lawyers and legal executives are here to guide you through what can be a long and complicated ordeal with straightforward and direct legal advice.

If you need or you think you may need criminal solicitorslegal help or advice in this field you should contact us at the earliest opportunity. You must ensure if you are the subject of such an investigation that you are confident in the skill and ability of the solicitors that you instruct.