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Drink Driving Offences

The legal drink driving limit is 35 milligrams per 100 millilitres of breath. There are several drink related driving offences in the UK:

  • Driving while over the prescribed limit (drink driving or driving with excess alcohol)
  • Attempting to drive while over the prescribed limit
  • Being in charge of a vehicle while over the prescribed limit
  • Failing to give a specimen of breath
  • Failing to give a specimen of blood or urine

Not all of these offences are straight forward. Our specialist motoring offence solicitors understand that in many cases facts may not always be as “black and white” as they appear. Finding out whether you have a defence is a matter for expert advice and may require expert evidence. This needs an advocate experienced in such cases. We regularly obtain that expert advice and conduct trials in which an expert gives evidence in drink related driving matters.

Whether you have a defence against a charge of drink driving depends on many factors as drink driving law is complex but if you have a defence then you can rest assured we will find it.

Examples of defences to drink driving include: showing that you were not the person driving; proving that you were not driving on a road or public place; arguing that you consumed the alcohol that took you over the drink driving limit after you stopped driving (hip flask defence); denying that you were over the limit and that the police evidence is unreliable.

Where there is not a defence you may still be able to show that there are special reasons in your case and that you shouldn’t be banned for drunk driving. Examples of special reasons arguments for drink driving include: Your drinks were laced without your knowledge and you didn't realise that you were over the drink driving limit; you had to drive because it was an emergency and you had no other choice; you only drove a very short distance and you didn't put any other drivers or pedestrians at risk.

A drink driving conviction can result in severe penalties and punishments that may have serious long term consequences for you and your family. criminal solicitorsA fine, points on your licence and a ban (12 months minimum in most cases) can seriously affect your finances and put your livelihood at risk. However, it is important you do not expect the worst. You need the best advice you can get and our drink driving offence lawyers will spend the time to take your instructions carefully and to advise and represent you as effectively as possible.

If you have been accused of a drink related driving offence please Contact us for a consultation.