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Regulatory, Health & Safety and Trading Standards Prosecutions

“Health & Safety” and “Trading Standards” – words frequently striking fear and anxiety into the hearts of even the most conscientious of company officers, businessmen and employees. The Regulatory web forms one of the most complex areas of the law and can trap anyone, without discriminating between its victims.

Murrays Solicitors can provide the legal expertise required to untangle the strands and guide you through the regulatory maze. We understand the difficulties faced by businessmen who strive to keep up with the seemingly ever changing burdens imposed upon them by the regulatory bodies.

When faced with a Regulatory, Health and Safety or trading standards investigation it is imperative that an individual or business receives advice at the earliest opportunity. Doing so may be the difference between an investigation running its full course or it being successfully halted in the very early stages, so avoiding the worry and disruption to your business.

Trading standards offences involving product and food safety and recall, sales and advertising practises, trade descriptions, consumer credit, licensing, contract terms and copyright infringements are just some of the areas our legal team can help you with as well as representation in the Crown and Magistrates courts should court proceedings follow.

It is important to remember that this area of the law changes regularly and getting advice from solicitors with expert and up to date knowledgecriminal solicitors is paramount if you are to offer a strong and spirited defence. Nearly all trading standards legislation contains “strict liability” offences where a criminal offence may be committed even though it was not intended. Breaches of Regulatory, Health and Safety or trading standards regulations can result in serious penalties involving fines or custodial sentences and the loss of both corporate and personal reputations.

Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, distributer or manufacturer an investigation by Health and Safety or trading standards officers can have severe consequences which may take a long time to repair. Specialist advice from Murrays solicitors may result in an opportunity to liaise with local authorities and explore alternatives to prosecution such as written warnings and cautions.

If you have received a summons to appear in court on a trading standards matter then it is vital you get specialist legal representation straight away. Our team are here to help and are available 24/7 and 365 days a year. We will represent you from your first appearance at Magistrates court and every subsequent appearance with expert advice including, where appropriate, the strength of the evidence in the case.

Please see the two cases R-v-MK Leeds Crown Court and R-v-A Leeds Crown Court in our case library. Both these cases were prosecuted by the Trading Standards Authority and after long running trials in the Crown Courts “Not Guilty Verdicts” were reached for our clients.