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SOCO and West Yorkshire Police – v – Clients A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.I - 2009 – 2013

This was a four year enquiry by West Yorkshire Police Stations into money laundering, false accounting and tax evasion (estimate £41,000,000). A number of businessmen, solicitors and accountants were investigated over unlawful conduct of land transactions, business ventures and concealing criminal property.

Ian Clarke worked together with Andrew Walker and Philippa Murray in handling a very large complex criminal investigation.

Client A was interviewed on 15 occasions at the Police Station. Careful preparation and correct legal advice at the Police Station resulted in “no charges” being brought against the 9 clients that Murrays represented.

The solicitors and accountants kept their jobs!

Teesside Crown Court - Regina –v- AH - September 2013

Our client was charged together with nine other Defendants with conspiracy to commit offences of dishonesty throughout West Yorkshire. The case centered on extensive telephone evidence against our client. Our Defence Team made an application to dismiss the case against AH on the basis that the attribution of telephone evidence could not be proved? Our application succeeded and the case was dismissed against our client. All the remaining nine Defendants pleaded guilty and were sentenced to substantial terms of imprisonment “a successful outcome as a result of hard work examining telephoning data and preparing a successful Defence.” Ian Clarke (Complex Crime).

Bradford Crown Court – 3 day trial – August 2013
Sec. 18 Grievous Bodily Harm.

This was a very difficult case involving our Client stabbing his brother in the back, puncturing his lung and missing the spinal cord by millimetres. The brother was unarmed at the time. Andrew Walker was able to successfully persuade a jury to accept that the stabbing was an accident which occurred whilst our Client was acting in self defence. Not Guilty verdict.

Huddersfield Magistrates Court - Regina –v- L - August 2013
Speeding Allegation

Our client was doing 72 miles per hour in a restricted 40 miles per hour zone.

Following a Summons to Court to consider disqualification a Senior Lawyer from our firm, an experienced road traffic specialist forwarded strong mitigation which prevented our client from being disqualified. The licence was endorsed with 3 penalty points and a small financial penalty. (“A tremendous success” Road Traffic Department.)

Bradford Crown Court – 6 day trial – July 2013
“Boiler Room” Conspiracy to defraud.

Our Client faced a conspiracy to defraud along with 3 others one of whom died before Trial and two of whom pleaded guilty to the offence. Our Client faced the Trial alone. A close inspection by Andrew Walker of original exhibits revealed that there had been some forgery/photocopying of our Client’s signature. Andrew was also able to turn a recorded telephone call between our Client and the Bank, brought by the Prosecution, to the favour of the Defence. Not Guilty verdict.

Wakefield Magistrates Court - Regina –v- W - July 2013
Driving whilst disqualified

An argument was put forward to the Wakefield Magistrates Court that our client believed he was not disqualified at the time of driving. A carefully presented argument to the District Judge was successful and resulted in no disqualification being imposed. Licence endorsed with 6 penalty points and a small financial penalty. “The client kept his job”.

“A remarkable result”, (Senior Lawyer, Road Traffic Department.)

Leeds Crown Court – 3 day trial – High Court Judge – June 2013
Burglary of Police Capture House. (Third strike burglary)

Our Client was a 3rd strike burglar which meant that he faced a 3 year minimum jail term if convicted. The case was sent direct to the Crown Court because of this. Andrew Walker was able to successfully argue that the house which had been taken over by the Police was no longer a “dwelling” and did not, therefore, come under the 3 strike provisions. This case set the bench mark for similar offences and was the second such bench mark case set by Andrew. He had previously, in similar circumstances, successfully argued that a vacated property on the market for sale was not a “dwelling” for sentencing purposes.

Leeds Crown Court - Regina –v- S & C - 10 Day Trial - May 2013

Our two clients were both charged with conspiracy to handle stolen goods. Initially the charges had been possession of criminal property, (which attracted Proceeds of Crime). After 9 days of Prosecution evidence, Defence Counsel Mr W QC made a submission (legal argument) of “no case to answer”. The principal argument was the Crown Prosecution had failed to prove that both our clients had entered into an agreement, that there was no joint enterprise or agreement between the two to commit the offence, therefore the conspiracy did not exist and there was no necessary specific intent.

An exceptionally well researched legal argument by the Defence Team was successful. The “case was dismissed” against our clients.

Client C was a private paying businessman who, had he been convicted with the initial charge of possession of criminal property, confiscation proceedings in this instance would have been in excess of one million pounds. (Ian Clarke, complex Crime)

Manchester Crown Court – 32 day trial – March 2013
Large scale Violent Disorder.

This case involved over 30 individuals caught on city centre CCTV. The incident resulted in stabbings, beatings and the use of many weapons.

The Prosecution CCTV evidence was analysed in great detail by Andrew Walker in order to create an account for presentation to the jury which was able to contradict the Prosecution account. Not Guilty verdict.

Leeds Crown Court – 5 day trial – Jan 2013
£2 million conspiracy to steal.

This was a 6 handed conspiracy involving the theft of high value demolition equipment. All other co-defendants pleaded guilty on day of trial. Prosecution (represented by 2 Counsel due to volume of papers/complexity of case) continued the proceedings against our Client alone who was defended by Andrew Walker from this firm. Following a detailed examination of the Prosecution mobile phone evidence Andrew was able to turn this in favour of the Defence and similarly was able to use other charts and timelines prepared by the Prosecution to show that our Client was innocent. Not Guilty verdict.