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Motoring Offences

Keeping your driving licence is not just important to you, it is probably essential. Think of getting the kids to school, yourself to work and back, your partner to work and back, doing the weekly shopping, taking the kids to football practice. Are you facing doing it all without a driving licence?

If you have a court date looming for a road traffic offence of any sort you are no doubt worrying about the penalty points you may get; you may be thinking of the driving ban you may get.

You need the best advice and the best representation you can find. And that is where we at Murrays Solicitors come in. Our specialists represent people from all walks of life for road traffic offences.

We deal with all types of motoring offences including the following:

We at Murrays Solicitors will spend the time to take your instructions, advise you and represent you effectively.

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