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Representation at Court for Criminal Offences

Whatever type of offence you have been charged with, you will need effective representation at Court from a specialist lawyer. Here at Murrays Solicitors we have a wealth of experience in all types of criminal cases and we will offer you the highest quality legal advice and representation available.

We offer Legal Aid for qualifying applicants; we will assess your circumstances and tell you if you are eligible to receive legal aid to cover the costs of your Court case. If you are not eligible then we will explore other funding options with you.

Only firms of Solicitors such as Murrays, who hold a Legal Aid franchise, can offer legal aid to cover your costs.

Magistrates Court Representation

You will need a solicitor who specialises in Criminal Defence to represent you in the Magistrates Court. Criminal Law is a highly specialised area of law and all our solicitors attend Court on a regular basis to deal with Criminal offence cases. They have the experience and expertise to offer you strong representation at Court.

Cases tried in the Magistrates Court are for offences such as Motoring offences, some less serious violent offences and some cases of theft.

Crown Court Representation

Cases tried in the Crown Court are more serious than those tried in Magistrates Court. Cases tries in Crown Court can vary greatly in length, complexity and seriousness.

In many Crown Court cases you will need a Barrister criminal solicitorsrather than a Solicitor to represent you. Here at Murrays solicitors we will engage a highly qualified Barrister on your behalf and work with them to put together a strong case for you.

We will also ensure that your legal aid covers the Barrister’s fees where appropriate.

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