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Speeding Offences / Totting Up of Penalty Points

Here ar Murrays Solicitors we are specialists in dealing with speeding offences and totting up of penalty points. We offer specialist advice and expert representation to clients and we will let you know which approach is likely to lead to the most favourable outcome in your particular case.

Speeding Offences

Speeding offences can wreak havoc with your licence. They can result in disqualification if the speed or circumstances make the offence serious. They certainly add to the possibility of disqualification under the “Totting Up” provisions for drivers with 12 penalty points on their licence.

If you are wondering if the speed camera was workingcriminal solicitors properly or if you have to tell who was driving your car when it was photographed speeding contact us at Murrays Solicitors.

If you think you are looking at disqualification or if you want to keep penalty points to the minimum contact us.

If you think you may be disqualified because you will have 12 penalty points on your licence contact us.

Totting Up Disqualifications

Even though you may think you are looking at 12 points and a ban we may not!

We will explore with you whether you should plead guilty to an offence or whether you do have a defence. If you have to plead guilty to an offence there are cases where points should not be imposed on your licence or even where a short ban for the new offence would avoid a longer totting up disqualification.

Even when you do have points imposed on your licence that take the total to or beyond 12  there are times when you still need not be disqualified under the totting up provisions.  

Here at Murrays Solicitors we have a great record for keeping those in work on the road despite having 12 penalty points or more on their licence. If this is the situation you are in contact us.