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Staff Profiles

Below are brief profiles of our lawyers.

Philippa Murray (LLB Hons)

Philippa has 22 years’ experience in the legal profession.phillipa murray She took her degree at Hull University and was a post graduate at Newcastle Polytechnic. Prior to starting Murrays Solicitors in August 2005 Philippa was a partner at Eatons Solicitors for 13 years. Philippa qualified as a higher court advocate in November 2007, and now undertakes cases in both the Magistrates and Crown Courts.

Philippa is a hardworking, industrious individual who manages time for clients extremely well. She shows a keen interest in the law relating to Anti-Social Behaviour Orders. She was recently instructed in a 5 day trial where the prosecution council applied for an ASBO against her client, her thorough understanding of the law in this area of legislation and her experience resulted in her client being found not guilty and the prosecution were denied the ASBO.

Philippa is an expert in criminal law with an emphasis on trial advocacy, she also specialises in representing people who are being investigated under the sexual offences legislation, her caring sympathetic demeanour making her particularly adapt with these sensitive types of case. She has a good understanding of computer and image related offences having worked with forensic experts specialising in this area.

Philippa is a member of the Law Society Criminal Litigation Scheme. She is a keen gardener and enjoys walking in her spare time.

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Ian Peter Clarke

Ian has worked in the legal profession since 1988. ian clarkePrior to that Ian was a member of the Armed Forces, often serving in politically volatile situations. Ian has been with Murray’s solicitors since 2005 when the company was formed.

Ian is a Legal Clerk specialising in complex crime and is usually the first person to see clients when they are at the Police Station. His experience representing and advising clients at Police Stations is second to none. During his 23 years’ experience Ian has been instructed in 32 murder investigations.
Ian is a down to earth individual with great communication skills. Ian excels in dealing with complex cases, where attention to detail has resulted in successful defences and acquittals before the jury.

Ian is a keen sportsman who enjoys a relaxing round of Golf, he is also the coach of the Halifax Rugby Union Club based at Ovenden.

Having worked with Ian Clarke on many contested cases, I am fully aware of his extraordinary energy and determination in preparing trials. His attention to detail sets a very high standard for all those who work with him. A driving force of the defence team.’

Oliver Jarvis, specialist defence barrister, Exchange Chambers, Manchester.

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Andrew James Walker

Andrew has been involved in the legal profession since 1977. He started at the bottom as a tea boy and worked his way up through various companies and roles, he is now the Senior Higher Court Advocate at Murrays Solicitors. Andrew qualified as a Solicitor in 1990 and became a Higher Court Advocate in 1998.

Andrew has a reputation for fighting people's corners. He has a particularly keen eye for detail, which can result in the seemingly most hopeless of cases being successfully defended.

Andrew's expertise encompasses the full spectrum of crime, but his particular speciality and interest is in complex crime and fraud. Andrew was recently instructed in a multi-defendant two million pound conspiracy to steal case where the client was the only defendant acquitted after trial at the crown court. Andrew has frequently been able to defeat CCTV evidence; on many occasions turning that evidence against the prosecution to achieve acquittals for clients.

Andrew has a number of outside interests. These include football, motorcycles and he breeds poultry.

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Richard Moorhouse (LLB F.Inst.L.Ex)

Richard has worked in the legal profession sincerichard moorehouse 1985. He studied for his law degree at Huddersfield Polytechnic qualifying in 1980. He became a member of the Institute of Legal Executives in 1991.

Richard has been with Murrays Solicitors since the company was formed in August 2005. He works as a Crown Court Clerk preparing the files for the Barristers. Part of his role is as an accredited police station attendant, he has been accredited since the system was introduced in 1995.

In his 26 years Richard has prepared a vast and varied number of file types, from simple shoplifting, through complex fraud matters, to murder. Richards’s thoroughness and attention to detail shows when the right result is achieved.

Richard is a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives. He is a keen Rugby League fan.

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Sarah Anne Bowden (LLB Hons)

Sarah has been working in the legal profession since 2004 when she started as a clerk at Eatons Solicitors. Her connection with Murrays Solicitors began in 2005. Since then Sarah has studied hard in her own time, finally qualifying as a Solicitor in 2010.

Sarah earned her degree at Huddersfield University and worked for her post graduate qualification at Leeds. Sarah qualified as a higher court advocate in November 2011, and now undertakes cases in both the Magistrates and Crown Courts.

Sarah specialises in crime and is experienced in dealing with the full spectrum of crime cases. Sarah excels in researching difficult areas of legislation and her attention to detail in preparing cases for trial is second to none. Sarah’s hard work preparing trials for her clients shows through when the right result is achieved.

Sarah is a member of the Law Society, she is also a keen swimmer who and is a trained swimming instructor.

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